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It’s no secret that regular physical activity is not only beneficial, but necessary. Welcome to Alphafitcity, your resource for fitness motivation and information.¬†Here you can ask questions, download free workout plans, or schedule¬† one-on-one sessions with me, John Schaffer, M.A., CSCS.

Why Alphafitcity

I have dedicated my life to being a student of exercise science. Initially, I was only pursuing personal goals. Over time, I recognized that others (friends, family, coworkers & neighbors) sought information and guidance regarding exercise and health. As a result, I earned a graduate degree in applied exercise physiology and became a certified strength & conditioning specialist. This helped me realize that I could be to others, the person I needed when I was starting out. I want to share my passion for fitness with you.


NYC choreographer, dance instructor, and vocalist, H. David, a.k.a. HD.

NYC men’s fashion model P. Woods

Prime Locations

I train clients in person at Iconoclast Fitness, 210 5th Ave, between 25th & 26th street in Manhattan. I also train clients in-home, or in community gyms, where facilities are appropriate for the clients needs.

Personal Support

My number one goal is to teach and inspire you to adopt a fitness lifestyle that is both realistic and effective. If you’ve got the motivation, I’ve got your roadmap to success. Whether you are seeking a new customized fitness program, a free workout download, or in-person private training sessions, I’ve got you covered!